best online transcription jobs for beginners

Nowadays, many people searching for entry-level jobs. Today, I am going to show the best online transcription jobs for beginners from home without investment. 

I’ve written a full guide on how to work from home and earn money online. You will get good sites that will help you to earn money. All you have to give is dedication and effort.

What skills do you need?

You don’t need more skills to complete this task. Most of the companies are looking at some skills such as:

·  Good Listening, Because you have to transcribe audio files

·  You have to know grammar and spelling.

·  Basic computer operating knowledge of software installation, files upload, etc.

·  Good typing skills and must be accurate.

Here is the list of best online transcription jobs for beginners with no experience


It offers an excellent opportunity to earn by transcribing audio and video files. Pay rate is $5 to $25 per audio. The great thing is you will get a bonus of $5 for every 3 hours completed. There are requirements that you have to fulfill.

  1. Good knowledge of the English language.
  2. You have the Capability to interpret the conversions.
  3. Laptop/Computer and internet connection required.
  4. You must have a Verified PayPal account.
  5. Latest version of Browsers like chrome,mozilla should be there on your computer.

You can earn more from this platform by referring to others(customers or transcribers)


This site is open for everyone from everywhere to make money from home. I know many workers earn up to $200 every month. If you want to work here, you need some experience, but you don’t need any special requirements.


It is one of the best sites to work and earn money from home. You need transcript audio and video into high-quality text. Earnings start from $10-$22 per audio. Free to join no need of investment and experience.
Payment method: paypal

4.Go transcript:

It is an audio and video transcription service company. You can do audio transcription, video transcription, captions, and have to convert audio and video into text. They are paying $0.60 per audio, and average earnings per month is $150.


Speechpad is one of the best websites for any newbie to make money from home. They will pay you around $.40 to $.50 for each audio minute. You will get the payment every two weeks later.

Payment Method: PayPal

6. Ubiqus

It is one of the best online transcription jobs. To get the job first, you have to fill the employment form. Whether you want to earn more or changing career path, I will suggest Ubiqus. There are varieties of jobs available on the website. Select the best job and make billions and millions.

7. Crowdsurfwork

It is the best website for students. It uses workmarket to hire people so, if you have to join crowdsurf, it has to be via workmarket. It is easy and simple. Like other platforms, you have to clear the test, and it will take 3-5 days for the assessment.

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