How To Identify Bad SEO Company?

SEO is vital for business growth. Regardless of the size of your firm, you may need to hire a SEO agency to enhance your site’s visibility in search engines. But hiring the right SEO company isn’t going to be an easy task, as you’ll find an overwhelming number of such companies claiming to be the best. Now that Googlebot is continuously getting smarter to differentiate between good SEO and bad SEO, you must make sure you don’t make any mistake while hiring a SEO firm. Working with a bad SEO company can send your website straight to hell. It can ruin your business!

Here are few points on how to identify bad SEO company

1.They Make Unrealistic Promises

How can any company guarantee you number 1 Google ranking without analyzing your site? There are too many companies or agencies that indulge in blatant promotion by announcing they can get your site on top of Google. If a company says something that’s unrealistic or too good to be true, it should quickly raise red flags. Be careful if you are promised something unrealistic.

2.They only talk about traffic (Ignore conversions)

A good SEO agency is always concerned about increasing the rate of conversion on your sites. Online businesses achieve success by not attracting plenty of traffic but by getting top quality traffic. If a SEO company only keeps talking about increasing SEO traffic and doesn’t focus on conversions, you are definitely in wrong hands. You need to think about it before it hurts your business.

3.They Say SEO is a One-Time Investment

In order to attract clients, many SEO agencies might also tell that you need to invest only once and then your site will be up for ever. You’ll be a fool to believe that SEO is a one-time task. Always remember that SEO is an ongoing activity. Doing SEO just for a few weeks or months won’t keep your site always at the top in search engines. The show must go on.

4.They Don’t Have a Blog

Any good SEO company knows what value a blog can bring to their business. Having a blog attached to a company website is also indicative of their passion and knowledge. A blog is a powerful tool that firms can use to educate their target audience, expand their presence, connect with readers on a personal level and share latest industry trends and developments. If a SEO company doesn’t have a blog, it should be a bad choice.

5.They Don’t Provide Reputable References

A good SEO company will always have a long list of client references. In fact, they provide references of clients from reputable organizations. Whenever a SEO agency shares a list of their references, you need to analyze it carefully. If you have a closer look at those references, you’ll be able to gauge the reputation of the SEO company you want to work with.

Best of luck I hope you will find good SEO company for your business.

Ronak Patel

Ronak Patel is a Digital Marketing specialist. He aims to provide useful articles and content to readers to understand easily. He helps many companies to increase their brand visibility and revenue through his knowledge.

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