5 Best blogging platforms to create a Blog

Blogging Platforms are where you can create a Blog for free and paid. Several websites provide you with the facility to create a free Blog, but users are looking for the best Blogging platform to create a blog. There are free platforms as well as paid, and both of these are different from each other. As you know, free Blogging platforms will not give you all the features and tools to use in it in your Blog. Still, on the other hand, if we take a look on the paid ones, they give you all the features as well as tools, but today in my post I will show you the best free and paid blogging platforms to create a blog.

List of Top 5 Best Blogging Platforms


wordpress.org - best blogging platform- bloggingronak

What’s its price?

WordPress.org is free, and you can download its latest version of its site.

Is Hosting included in WordPress.org?

No. Hosting is not included in WordPress.org as it is a downloadable file package that you can upload and install on your web hosting server, which you already host.

Any Skills Required?

No, you don’t need any special skills to manage WordPress as it is easy to use the blogging platform, and you can learn using WordPress in an hour if you haven’t used it before.

Are Themes available?

Yes, there are thousands of free WordPress themes available at WordPress.org, and you can choose the one you want, plus you can find a lot of free themes for WordPress as there are 100’s of websites and theme stores which provide you WordPress free themes.

Plugins and Extensions?

 WordPress is the best blogging platform because it has the best wordpress plugins more than 40,000 in their directory and so much more around the web.


Blogger- Best blogging platform-bloggingronak

Blogger/Blogspot is the oldest and one of the best free blogging platforms to create a blog free. Google owns Blogger, and you get your free blogger account by signing in to your google account. You can create several Blogs as you want on Blogger because there is no limit for Blogs. Blogger is fast and easy to use, and you can also associate your domain with Blogger.com, and there are a lot of free templates available on the internet for Blogger blogs.

Is Blogger free to use?

Yes, Blogger is free, and you can create several blogs on Blogger without any charges.

Is hosting included in the Blogger?

Yes, Blogger provides you with its free unlimited web hosting, and you can also associate a custom domain name with a blogger blog.

Any skills required for Blogger?

No skills are required to use Blogger as it is a user-friendly platform, and it is straightforward and simple to use. You can learn it in minutes.

Are templates available?

Yes, there are some templates available by Blogger, which you can use for your blog, and there are thousands of templates available on the internet, which you can also use by uploading it on your blog.

Plugins or extension for Blogger?

No plugins are available for Blogger.


wordpress.com-best blogging platform-bloggingronak

WordPress.com is also a free blogging platform, but it is not suitable as WordPress.org. It is the hosted version of wordpress. The difference between these is that it is a hosted version, and instead of downloading and then installing it on your web hosting, you can create a wordpress account and sign in to use this wordpress version. Many popular websites are using wordpress.com. You can see all the notable users using wordpress.

Is WordPress.com free to use?

There are three plans available.

$0- Best for basic blogging

$99/yr – Best for professionals

$299/yr – Best for advanced business solutions

Is hosting included in wordpress.com?

Yes, hosting included in wordpress.com with no extra or additional free.

Any skills required for WordPress.com?

It is much easier than the wordpress.org version as you have to set up manually for yourself in it, but in wordpress.com, you only have to create a free account and start your blog in minutes. It is straightforward and simple to use, and there are a lot of features available for you to make your free blog perfect.

Are themes available in wordpress.com?

Yes, there are some themes available for you in wordpress.com, but if you purchase a premium version, you can get some more features and themes. Compare to wordpress.org. There are not many themes available for wordpress.com if you are using a free plan of wordpress.com.

Are Plugins available in wordpress.com?

There are some plugins like stats, comments, polls that are popular are included in wordpress.com, but no third-party plugins can be used in wordpress.com as if you are using a free plan for wordpress.


Tumblr-Best blogging platform-bloggingronak

Tumblr is also one of the most used online blogging platform. David Karp is the owner of Tumblr, which is online since February 2007. It is a kind of microblogging platform with an aspect of the social network. Tumblr is great for blogging if you want to publish short content, photos, videos, gifs, etc. It is a kind of community build by users, and they love to share and engage in each other’s content.

Is Tumblr free to use?

Yes, Tumblr is free to use, and the price is $0.

Is hosting included with tumblr?

Yes, Tumbler offers hosting facility, and no additional fee is required. You get your subdomain like protechblogger.tumblr.com, or if you want to associate your custom domain with tumblr, it is also possible.

Any skills required to use Tumblr?

No, You don’t need any special skills to use tumblr as it is a straightforward and simple user-friendly blogging platform, and you can use it with ease.

Are designs available for tumblr?

Yes, There are a lot of paid and free themes and designs available for tumblr.

Are plugins or extensions for tumblr?

No, there are no plugins nor extensions available for tumblr.


Ghost - best blogging platform

Ghost is a downloadable blogging platform software and also a hosted blogging platform free. It is an excellent Blogging platform. It is created by some employees who have worked in WordPress in the past. They wanted to make it as a simple version of wordpress. Now it is one of the popular Blogging platforms to create a blog.

Is ghost.org free to use?

If you want to use the downloadable version, its $0, but if you’re going to choose the hosted version, then they have some plans which you can choose. The plans start from $8 to $200 depending upon you the number of blogs you want to create and the amount of website traffic you get.

Is hosting included in ghost?

Yes. Hosting is included in the pro plan of ghost, but if you want to use the downloadable version, then you have to find and choose a web host for it, and you can also associate a custom domain with it.

Any skills required for ghost.org?

It depends upon what you are looking for, if you want to use the pro plan self-hosted ghost blogging platform then it is simple, and no skills are required but if you want to choose the downloadable version then you have to set it up with a web host and installing ghost platform on your web server will be wanting some skills.

Are designs available in ghost.org?

There is a large variety of themes available for ghost.org, but many of them are paid. There are also premium themes available for ghost blogging platforms around the web.

Are plugins or extensions available for ghost.org?

No, there are no external plugins or extensions available for ghost.org, but there are some features like social media, SEO, comments, and much more, which are already built-in ghost.org.


Well, this was the list I made about the best blogging platforms to create a blog. In my list, I have shared some of the popular and best blogging platforms and software. Now you have to choose the best blogging platform. I am also giving you a short recommendation about every blogging platform in my list.

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